crazy fun disclaimer!

It is important to note that we are not affiliated with any wine seller, distributor or winery.  Our main goal is that you learn and experience wine without the hassle of the pressure to buy wine or anything.

Public Seminars

We are currently providing crazy fun, but educational seminars.  Copy the link below to find out specific information about a class and to register.   Then get prepared to have some fun!  Each class is 90 minutes and includes five wines and a tasty nosh.

March 8th - Winning Wines from the Rodeo Competition at MEMORIAL WINE CELLAR

April 8th - In the Pink! at MEMORIAL WINE CELLAR

We have just traveled to many wine countries and would love to share with you our knowledge of traveling and tasting in the area as well as, great wines for you to experience.  Please join us at the Atkins' Wine Bar for:

Sunday, March 12th - Traveling and Drinking in Italy Class! 4:00 pm - 6:00 pm. To register and for more information follow this link:

Sunday, April 8th - Traveling and Drinking in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay Class  4:00 pm - 6:00 pm.  To register and for more information follow this link:

Private Seminars/Parties

We can work within your budget and your interests.  Our standard “private party” is a 90 minute wine tasting with whatever theme you would like to have!  Participants have the opportunity to taste five wines.  We attempt to use wines that are easily accessible to everyone.  The price for this event is $40 a person and we can accommodate any size group.

 One more thing!  We can adapt this standard event to whatever ideas you have for your private party.  Get Crazy!